Our Story

We all have clothing stuffed into tiny closets or tucked into drawers that we can't bare to part with. It's because there are stories associated with them, and when we see them, they remind us of the special dinner that changed our lives, or a time in our lives that we cherished, or even the person that we always wanted to be.

At Wabi-Sabi Buttons, we are taking those stories and we are sharing them with you. We want you to look through our gallery and find a button or story that you love. Wear that story, and then share it with others. Be inspired by the people around you and let their story inspire you to tell stories of your own.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that believes that there is inherent beauty in imperfection. Just as these buttons once represented a memory or story, but are now crafted into a button, the imperfection in the result and the story that accompanies them, is truly beautiful, and worth sharing with others.

They are unique, they are beautiful, and they are full of stories.

Each button has been made from a person and a source that we have authenticated and documented here for you.