Acid Attack
Acid Attack

Acid Attack

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Name: Acid Attack
ID: WS-06
Origin: Helen R. (Northfield Center, OH)
Fabric: Cotton Tote Bag

It was an experiment of fashion that turned out horribly, but I rather loved the outcome, actually. I was making a tote bag and decided to dye the muslin fabric. I really love the structure of tote bags, but I am bored with many of the designs out there, so I decided to dye my own. Unfortunately, there was some type of chemical on the fabric, or something got into the water, because it turned out like this. I love making buttons out of them because it really is a grungy pattern, and I think it is beautiful.

I want people to wear this button and think about all the random things that happen to us each day that we don't plan for, and that we don't necessarily hope will happen. Then just be open to the fact that although it may not turn out as expected, there is beauty in the way it did turn out.